Bella Pizzeria: Slice of Fine Pizza

Bella Pizzeria

Hey guys! I hope your Tasty Tuesday is going fabulous. Today the spotlight lands on Bella Pizzeria. I little joint at the Hamilton Town Center, which happens to be one of my hot spots this summer. Anyways this place is quite basic. You walk in and you immediately notice the menu staring at you. Options, options and more options were smack dab in my face. I actually visited this place twice. The first time I was not impressed. The second visit was worth a praise report.

Cuisine: (1st time) Pepperoni Pizza, with breadsticks, (2nd time) Meat Stuffed Pizza

Analysis: I can’t recall the exact prices, but both were under $5. The first time my pepperoni pizza was dry, and my breadsticks were overcooked. My meal was not appetizing at all. My first thought was how can you mess up pepperoni pizza? So I intended on not returning, but then I thought I’d give them a second chance. I ordered the Meat Stuffed Pizza on my last visit, which includes double sausage, pepperoni and mozzarella wrapped up in dough. Much better! This was the New York style pizza I was expecting. It was a big slice filled with hot, juicy meat. It was crisp in the right spots and was delicious. The second time was a charm. I probably will never get plain ol’ pepperoni again though. It’s good there are other specialties on the menu.

Food: B

Service: C

Atmosphere: C

Value: C

Bella Pizzeria is located in the food court of 13901 Town Center Blvd. For more information, click here.


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