Stay True to Yourself

Back in the day I use to cut, embroider, and just DIY the mess out of my shirts all the time. Almost all of my shirts had a touch of yours truly on them. I would always get compliments on my designs too, and asked to recreate looks for my friends or even my coworkers.

It basically came down to me only having a handful of shirts I didn’t rip, cut, or tie-dye. It stemmed from me wanting to make my shirts unique and just having fun. I enjoyed it! Whenever someone gave me a t-shirt I made it my duty to make it into something special.

I recently bought this shirt on display today. For weeks I was trying to decide if I should cut it up. I would go back and forth on the idea. If this was a different time in my life I wouldn’t have thought twice about it. Since becoming a mom I’ve been noticing my hesitancy towards things I use to just dive into.

I’ve always been one to be bold and somewhat daring when it comes to fashion. I’ve realized I’ve been questioning myself so much lately when it comes to my style. I hate the stereotypes placed on moms of having to look a certain way or do certain things. I was placing those same limits on myself. I was doing it unintentionally, but nonetheless still doing it.

Just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean I shouldn’t express myself through my clothing in a fun way. I can still rip, cut, or tie-dye my shirts if I want to. It doesn’t make me less of a mom. My motherhood has nothing to do with my DIY shirts and everything to do with my heart.

So on a whim, right before a took photos in this shirt I decided to add more character to it. I cut the sleeves and poked holes around the V-neck. It was so liberating! I felt like the creative person that I already am again. This creative person just so happens to be a mom now. I don’t have to get rid of my personality just because I’ve started a new chapter in my life.

The shirt showcased today helped revive me. I may have No Days Off in this journey called Mom Life, but that doesn’t mean I have to loose myself in the process. I will no longer place myself in a box. I encourage you to not loose yourself in whatever new chapter you’re in right now too. God is faithful and He’s placed certain desires in your heart for a reason. Go after them!

I’ve always wanted to create my own t-shirts… maybe one day that will happen.

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