Positive Fashion-tude

This week I’ve continually had to stir up my faith. I shook off the self-pity and put on a new attitude. I had to say, “God will not fail me.” If you are going to have any attitude, have an attitude of faith. To match that attitude wear some positive fashion-tude clothing. Positive attire means the playful, colorful and pattern filled attire. Duh!

The following is cheerful clothing. Try it! The brighter and more playful the clothes are the better you’ll feel.

1-4: Have fun in the sun with these Savory Treats: Pleated Citrus Skirts. You can’t go wrong with pleats and bright colors.

5: Tuck in this Bright Stripe Dip Hem Shirt with the sides hanging out, in some skinny jeans or shorts and get to strutting.

6: This Peer Tee Tank Top color demands attention. I love the design!

7: These H&M Shorts speak for themselves. Love it!

8: The Next Big Zig Ring is huge and stylish. The print is super fun!

And don’t forget the shoes…

Stylish Direction Sandals in Daisies

Lalesso Fair Trade African Print Ballet Pumps

Not Rated Safari Tan

These selections would definitely cheer someone up right? Plus they are all under $50. Score! Remember positive thoughts are key, the wardrobe only adds to it.


Photo Credit: Polyvore

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