Europe Chatter: Fashion Inspiration


I warned you that I’m going to be talking about Europe a lot! Now it’s t-minus 11 days from when I’ll be landing in London. What? Oh yeah (insert cabbage patch dance)! I decided I’ll just call these little segments Europe Chatter because DUH I’m talking about Europe. Up first is my fashion inspiration.

When in Europe dress like the Europeans do right? Well at least yours truly wants to. I’ve been surrounding myself with inspiration and purchased some pieces to spice up my travel wardrobe. Turns out the “dress code” in Europe consist of mostly neutral palettes and sleek pieces that are interchangeable. It’s minimalistic, yet sophisticated.

Basically it’s not like my wardrobe!

For the most part my style is anything but neutral. I have welcomed more neutrals into my closet recently though. They are so easy to mix and match! While in Europe I plan to show off my neutrals while letting my accessories showcase my accent colors. However I can’t leave my fun, eccentric style completely. I will still have some pattern play and pops of color.

Heck, I can show you better than I can tell you! Check out some of the fashion inspiration I will be pulling from while packing for my upcoming trip. EEEEEKKKKK!



That’s just some of my fashion inspiration. You can find the above photos and more on my Europe Travel Inpiration Pinterest Board hereDo you know anything about the Europe fashion scene? I would love to hear your advice. I can’t wait to see Europe in the springtime. AHHHHH! Somebody pinch me!

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