Bump Peek + First Trimester Symptoms

This pregnancy was incredibly different than my first pregnancy, at the beginning. Now they are quite similar. Thank God because I wasn’t a fan of some of the symptoms I experienced during the first trimester. During the last pregnancy I was quite spoiled and didn’t experience much. 

For the first two months these are the symptoms that decided to visit this mama-of-two-to-be.

• Headaches •

I would get headaches on and off throughout the day especially if I was running around a lot. Once I settled down the feeling would start to subside. When I was pregnant with Aria I only experienced headaches the first couple of weeks.

• Nausea • 

This was so weird because I only experienced this a couple of times during my first pregnancy. However this time I needed Ginger Ale in the mornings and midday sometimes to help calm my stomach. I never actually vomited… wait I take that back I vomited twice. Also if I was hungry I felt like I needed to vomit too. So weird! I didn’t need Ginger Ale at all near the end of the second month, and now I’m cured. YAY!

And that’s all! I know some women have it way worse so I’m not complaining. Right now it’s smooth sailing so I pray it stays that way. I don’t have any cravings yet. I did want Hot Cheetos REALLY bad the other day, but that’s not unusual for me. 

I will let you know how this second trimester goes in a couple of months. I think I will do trimester updates instead of the weekly or biweekly updates, because I don’t suspect much will change that often. I do plan on doing regular Bump Watch photos/fashion posts. Stay tuned!

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  1. Love this update!! Makes me reminisce on my pregnancy! My morning sickness was so bad all the way until I delivered! I hope my next is different!

    You look so damn cute while pregnant and I am excited to see your OOTDs and bump peeks!