$20 Printed Spring Shorts from Uniqlo

Printed Spring Shorts

I’ve always been a shorts person at heart. I wear them around the house mostly though. Growing up I never liked the way my legs looked in shorts. In gym class I hated that the uniform consisted of shorts. I mean really can I have some jogging pants over here?! But now I’m fond of my legs, and like to showcase them. Cheers to loving yourself just the way you are. Yay! Printed shorts are hot on the streets this spring. Plus Uniqlo is offering these fun babies for only $20. Love it! Oh and now that I shared my shorts story, you need to share yours. Ha!

I love these shorts they are full of personality. And paired with a simple T-shirt you are good to go. All these shorts are available here just stroll down to the “color” section tab, and pick which ones you desire.


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